Applied Neuroscience

with Dr. Dr. Damir del Monte

New distance learning course starts in 2022

What you gain when you understand the brain

In professional coaching and psychotherapy the human brain and its functions are talked to the clients about every day. But how deep is the knowledge of the most complex structure in the human body? How well is that universe between our ears understood?

What we all know is that the human brain is fascinating and of high practical relevance for all psychotherapists and professional coaches. With a more profound understanding of brain processes you will enrich any therapeutic activity and get your competencies as a practitioner to the next level.

Our blended-learning concept

Our advanced e-learning system allows you to get a high-level education in “Applied Neuroscience” from the comfort of your own home.

The combination of an online video course and personal guidance via Zoom conferences enable effective learning at the highest scientific level.

Special didactics and
unique 3D visualizations

Our didactic concept gives you a comprehensive understanding of Functional Neuroanatomy and with it numerous systemic, medical, psychological and neuroscientific concepts.

Increase your expertise in brain research and learn how to wire to inspire in your respective field of work.

Get cerfied as
ˈPractioner of Applied Neuroscienceˈ

In any learning environment using the brain beats simply owning one.

Therefore, we provide you with multiple choice questions to all video lessons and practical as well as interactive exercises via Zoom-Conferences in order to support the consolidation of the course content and lead to the acquisition of the title:

Certified Practitioner of Applied Neuroscience.

Special feature – Applied Neuroscience Network

The Applied Neuroscience Practitioner degree allows membership in our Applied Neuroscience Network, which includes interactive professional exchange, regular live supervision and deep dive sessions via Zoom, as well as the rights to use the unique 3D teaching materials (neuroanatomical 3D graphics, animations and teaching videos, and PowerPoint slides) for your seminar, consulting and coaching practice.

Also included is the permanent access to the online learning platform with all the videos. This video pool is continuously expanded with new video learning units, so that your neuroscience know-how is always up to date with the latest research.

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